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Peralta Fund Drive

Peralta Fund 2023 starts on August 14. Our goal is to raise $375,000 by September 8, 2023. ANY amount counts!

Thank you for joining Peralta families in contributing to the Peralta Fund. 


Why Donate:

  • Support our children! The Peralta Parent Teacher Group spends $1050/student ($375,000) for programs that provide social-emotional learning, academic enrichment, mental health, equity & inclusion, and community building

  • The PPTG funds classroom aides, music, art, PE, field trips, garden education, outdoor education, and community support

Many families prefer to donate online, via automatic monthly payments. DONATE ONLINE or bring cash or check to the main office at Peralta.


How much should you contribute?

Many families ask how much they should consider donating to the Peralta Fund. Donations range from $5  to $5,000 ($500 a month) per child. Give what you can. All donations help our kids get the education they deserve. 

The PPTG spends $1050 a year per student to help provide the quality of education we’ve come to expect at Peralta. Please consider donating at least ONE MONTH of what you paid for preschool or childcare before Peralta. You can spread that amount out over the whole year with automatic, monthly payments. If you have means, consider contributing more to help the PPTG meet our goal. 

Does your Employer Offer Corporate Matching?

By using your company's charitable matching program, you can double (or more) your contribution to the school. This is a great way to significantly increase the impact of your contribution. (You can also encourage any friends or relatives interested in supporting Peralta to see if their companies will match their contribution.)



Q: How many times will we be asked to contribute throughout the year?

A: Peralta has a few events where donations can be made, those include: the Peralta Fund, the walkathon (fall) and the annual auction (spring).

Q: What if I need a donation receipt?

A: Please email send a message to Peralta Fund through Konstella.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

A: The Peralta Parent Teacher Group is a non-profit organization and your donations may be tax deductible. 
PPTG 501(c)(3) Information: IRS 501(c)(3) Organization Federal Tax ID Number: 94-2831259

Q: How do I donate?

A: Use the secure online link above, or if you prefer, place a check in the PPTG mailbox in the office or mail a check payable to Peralta Parent Teacher Group, to:

Peralta Elementary School
460 63rd St.
Oakland, CA 94609


Additional questions?

If you have any questions, please email or send a message to Peralta Fund through Konstella.

Every student counts. Every gift counts. All donations are greatly appreciated.