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Peralta Walkathon 2023

Sunday, October 22



What is the Walkathon?

The Peralta Walkathon is the only kid-powered fundraiser for the PPTG, and kids will tell you it's a blast! On Sunday, October 22, Peralta kids (and parents) will walk around and around the big block that Peralta sits on (63rd St to Telegraph to Alcatraz to Dana). Between now and 10/22, kids collect pledges from friends and family who want to support our great little school!

How do I collect the donations?

Online: Send this link directly to donors, OR create your very own fundraising page for your kid(s). 

In-Person: Students can record donors’ names on a pledge sheet and mail it or drop it off at the Peralta office (460 63rd St.). Please label the envelope with “Walkathon.” You can also bring cash and checks to the Walkathon itself and hand them over at the Registration Table. Cash and check donations are accepted. Checks can be written to PPTG. The Tax ID number for our non-profit is 94-2831259. 

Who should I ask to donate?

Try asking friends, family, neighbors, and parent co-workers for Walkathon pledges. You can ask in person, by phone, by email, on social media, with a YouTube video, or through your own fundraising page on GiveButter (see above). Be creative! You can find an example of an “ask letter” here.

Where does money raised by the Walkathon go?

Walkathon donations contribute to the overall PPTG fund, which supports school programs, such as Music, Art, Technology, PE, gardening, and teacher's aides.

How much should they donate?

Any amount helps! Please ask donors to give however much they feel comfortable giving. The more money we raise, the more money we have to invest in Peralta and our childrens' education.

Is there a connection between the walking and the fundraising?

No, not really. Back in the day, donors would pledge a certain amount for each lap the child walked but that meant the child or family had to first collect the pledges and then go back to the donor after the Walkathon to collect the donation. These days we just ask donors to give whatever amount they feel comfortable donating before the event, and then the Walkathon itself is just a fun celebration where the kids earn prizes for each lap they walk.

How can I help?

The Walkathon relies entirely on the help of the Peralta community. It's all run by volunteers, mostly the family and friends of students, but also alumni and other members of the community. There are tons of volunteer slots to fill, from prize distribution to bringing items for the bake sale or making snow cones. You can see the various volunteer opportunities and sign up on this Google doc. 

Please, consider signing up for something, it's a super fun event!

How far do kids usually walk?

The SuperWalker goal is 10 laps for K-1, 15 laps for 2-3, and 20 laps for 4-5. SuperWalkers get a special medal at the end of the day. (Any walker can ask for a medal, regardless of how many laps they walked)

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Walkathon Contact: Walkathon 2023 Organizers: Jamie Dunbar and David Luoh