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Schedule & Curriculum


Peralta's school day starts at 8:30am, and ends at 2:45pm on most days.  On "Minimum Days", every Wednesday and a few other days through the year, school ends at 1:30pm (with after-care starting earlier); check the school calendar for upcoming Minimum Days. Please do not leave your child at Peralta before 8:20am. 

Morning Drop Off 

Peralta families who can walk, take transit, bike, or roll to school are encouraged to do so. Bike racks are available inside the locked gates by Portable A. All children who arrive by car should be dropped off at the Dana Street entrance to the school. The drop off zone is staffed by Coach D and student members of safety patrol. Please drive slowly. Please do not double park, not even "just for a minute,” and please do not block the driveways of our Peralta neighbors. See this map and flyer for full instructions. Thinking about transit? Make sure to get your child a youth clipper card, so you can take advantage of the discounted youth and clipper rates! Thinking about using a cargo bike or tag along to ride your child to school? Many Peralta parents do and would love to talk to you about it (just ask) and join the “Biking Friends” social group on Konstella.


As an Oakland public school, Peralta’s curriculum framework is based on state standards and district-wide core programs — which our talented and creative teachers adapt to the needs of their students. As an Alameda County Arts Anchor School, Peralta’s teachers and specialists strive to integrate the arts into all aspects of the curriculum. Peralta also pioneered Second Step, a social skills and conflict resolution program now required at all Oakland public schools.

Trena Noval interviews 4th grade teacher Ana Raquel Tomas about igniting the imaginations of our students.

Second Step

Central to Peralta’s curriculum is the Second Step social skills program. Peralta was an early adopter of this program, which is now ingrained in our school culture. Kindergartners through fifth graders all have class time dedicated to Second Step, which teaches all children to solve social problems, get along well with each other, and take responsibility for keeping our campus peaceful and respectful. Second Step lessons cover three main areas: Empathy, anger management, and impulse control.

Enrichment Programs

Every week, Peralta’s students enjoy a range of enrichment programs. Many of these are supported by parent by the Peralta Parent Teacher Group (PPTG) through fundraising, supplemented by public and private grants raised by parents and staff. Peralta has also developed several partnerships with Bay Area arts institutions.  These supplemental programs are offered in class during school hours and would not be possible without the generous support of donors to the annual Peralta Fund and other fundraising activities.


Peralta’s grant-funded arts program, woven throughout the curriculum, is the heart and soul of our school. It includes three main elements: weekly art instruction, after-school classes like the ongoing mural project with artist Jamie Morgan (read more), and the integrated school-wide Peralta Stewardship Project that cuts across the curriculum. We are lucky to have two grant-funded artists-in-residence, whose teaching goes far beyond paper, scissors and glue (though they use plenty of that, too!). Read more about the Peralta Stewardship Project in the November 2010 Rockridge News.


Upper grade students participate in OUSD’s instrumental music program, receiving weekly instruction in an instrument of their choice. In addition, The Peralta Parent Teacher Group supports two professional musicians who work with students in each classroom weekly.

For the past several years, Mz. Rhonda Crane has taught music in the lower grades, while Ms. Jill Rodgers has taught music in the upper grades.


All students have weekly physical education classes with an instructor funded by the Peralta Parent Teacher Group. The emphasis is on fun, movement, and skills development.